Refresher Classes

Get your CNA from a lapsed status to an active status in one day. 

Refresher Classes


  • 3 hour Course (on-site instruction & training):
    • Small class size of 6 or less
    • Receive traing materials in advance
  • Tuition:
    • $150
  • Books:
    • Inlcudes 10 PowerPoints, Quizzes, Clinical Skills Sheets


  • We are confident you will find that the materials you will receive in advance and the 3 hours of additional training in our skills lab with a teacher and a small group of students will give you confidence to pass the written and clinical skills exams held at the completion of the class.


  • You need to have a C.N.A license in the state of nebraska that is lapsed or inactive status.


  • Testing Fees are included in the tuition!
  • Written exam is done at the school
  • Skills exam is done at the school
Don't delay registering, the earlier you register the more time you will have to review the materials befor class.

Check out the 2016 CNA Refresher Class Schedule

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